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Anthony Wayne Sprung on Summer / S.O.S. (dragon dance outro)

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Will Accept Verbal Abuse 4 every Download!!
desensitize bullying
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tracks made from barns, stalls, and trainers.  reflections, attempts and resolve, focus, hiatus and hangover,Stunningly perfect imperfections, shallow Hal's elevator pitch,  imagination, obscure and analagous, blind, deaf and senseless for those who suffer from lack thereof. confident as timid, strong as obnoxiously weak, perfect as undoubtedly flawed.  Sober as drunk on opinion.  Joyously social and wonderfully dysfunctional Friends, Family, and the every evolving narrative of feelings taste and character, for the sake of relearning, reuniting with exponential appreciating the reunion of human capital, proud as parent while gushing over a diaper filled  moment yet oddly  comparable to the euphoric engaging triangle of human animal and machine playing with life as a toy.   Then off into a psychological Stunts in a deep harmonious love then to a spurring and battling Frenemous Self... playing between both the Cowboy and the Indian while being both absolutional as delusionally guilty. Spirit Animals present, Lions, TIgers, Bears, Hawks, Whales, Horses, Cows, Dogs, Monkeys, Beatles, Lady Bugs, Bulls and last but not least Dragons..  

NOTE: not one artist was considered abused chasing their miracle in the moment... the act is the accomplishment; every sound had a safe word. across the board can prove winners without favor, where the podium realizes the shadows new value.  

© 2020 by Anthony Wayne